The Fourteenth Edition of Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest
Wednesday, October 25th to Sunday, October 29th 2023


Online : 25 - 26 Oct
On ground : 27 - 29 Oct

The Infinite Library

  • Saturday, 28th Oct
  • 11:00 am - 7:00 pm IST
  • St Pauls Institute

The Infinite Library is a travelling Virtual Reality installation, produced by the Goethe Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi, that reimagines the future of libraries as interactive spaces that engage visitors through multi-sensory forms of story-telling. Immerse yourself along the in a new way of looking at libraries guided by the Infinite library at the St Pauls institute where virtual reality now gives the readers a new space to explore and indulge with literature and words like never before.

Entry every 20 minutes
Registration on the spot

Books In The Session