The Fourteenth Edition of Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest
Wednesday, October 25th to Sunday, October 29th 2023


Online : 25 - 26 Oct
On ground : 27 - 29 Oct

  • Thursday, 26th Oct
  • 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm IST
  • Online

The Western media often ignores some of the most brutal global conflicts. When it does cover them, the reporters concerned often acquire the status of heroic individuals and local experts. A reputed war correspondent discusses the reality, referring to his own reporting on a neglected war that led to millions of deaths, and impacted his personal life


Anjan Sundaram

Anjan Sundaram is an award-winning war correspondent, author, and television presenter. He has degrees in mathematics and journalism.

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Raghu Karnad

Raghu Karnad is an award winning author, essayist and journalist.

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Books In The Session

Breakup: A Marriage in Wartime

  • Anjan Sundaram
  • Simon & Schuster IND